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Give the gift of real change and inspire the littles in your life with a Bright Littles gift card! With more Bright Littles products on the horizon, a gift card is the perfect gift for parents with children ages 4+ who are looking for meaningful and engaging ways to have tough conversations with their kids about world issues.

Why are there no answers in the Convo Cards deck?

The questions are designed to be open-ended to invite exploration in the conversation. There is no right or wrong answer!

I am nervous to have big conversations with my kids.

We get it; having big conversations with your little one can be hard. That's why we created the Convo Journals to help you every step of the way. You can pick and choose the topics you want to discuss, and our "hey, grown-up" tips throughout the Convo Journal will help point you in the right direction with ways to share, examples and more! 

I don’t know if my kids are ready (or if I’m ready).

Totally get it! Being a parent is tough, especially in our world today.... But the reality is, our kids are ready to start learning and growing at a young age, and they are experiencing things on the playground, classroom and beyond that we as parents can’t control. By talking to them about topics like bullying, their bodies, safety, feelings and more, we are empowering them, plus we are there to help you with helpful tips throughout our journals. You got this!!

Do you offer a free shipping option?

Yes, we are proud to offer free shipping on all U.S. orders over $75! As a small company, this is a big thing for us to do, but we believe it's important to get these conversations in as many homes as we can. 

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we'd love to work with you! Please send an email to or through Faire. 

Do you work with influencers? 

Yep! We love connecting with like-minded moms, educators and therapists to help spread the word about Bright Littles. Send us an email at, and let's work together! 

"I love Bright Littles and want to help!"

As a small business, we greatly appreciate all of the support we can get. Writing a review means so much! Sharing photos of your child using Bright Littles, sending testimonials and/or connecting us with influencers you love is also so helpful to us. Have something specific in mind? Send us an email at today and let’s work together!

Don't see your question?

We love questions around here! If you don't see the answer to your question, send us an email and we'll get back to you within 48 hours! 


What Other Parents Have To Say

Bright Littles has been such a wonderful addition to our home! It has taught the kids crucial Life lessons, initiated important family conversations and helped us all grow together as a family.

It's easier said than done to have conversations with your kids about racial and social justice issues. Bright Littles Card Set not only made it easy but it also made our dinner conversations fun!

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