Our mission at Bright Littles is to empower parents to have an “outside the box” conversation with their little ones. Let’s face it, our children are sponges soaking up the world around them and that means the good and the bad, the exciting and the scary. Instead of letting them fill in the blanks, we believe it’s time to start having the tough conversations - now.

We’ve created 100 question cards and 25 activity cards for kids ages 4 and up across the 5 topics of diversity, health, safety, nature, and self. Whether you’re at the dinner table or on a road trip, each card is designed to start an ongoing conversation that will encourage confidence, kindness, compassion, and more!

“It’s easier said than done to have conversations with your kids about racial and social justice issues. Bright Littles Card Set not only made it easy but it also made our dinner conversations fun! Thank you to Bright Littles for helping us to raise thoughtful and good humans!”


"Bright Littles Convo Cards cover topics that are oftentimes hard to discuss, but are deeply important to me, in a fun and engaging way. I'm thrilled to have Bright Littles helping me raise a thoughtful, smart, caring, compassionate, empathetic son who I know will have a positive impact on this world."


"Bright Littles has been such a wonderful addition to our home! It has taught the kids crucial life lessons, initiated important family conversations and helped us all grow together as a family."



Bright Littles was built when I, a full-time mother and entrepreneur, realized I didn’t have the age-appropriate tools to navigate challenging conversations with my daughter. From social and racial injustices, to a global pandemic, health, safety and more - it felt impossible to delicately approach her about topics that seemed so big for her little world. But the truth is, kids are ready to dive into these types of conversations sooner than you think! By creating a fun and engaging way to present these topics, we’ve made learning about the tough stuff, easy again!

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