Let’s Get StartedLet’s Get Started
Let’s Get StartedLet’s Get Started
Let’s Get StartedLet’s Get Started
Let’s Get StartedLet’s Get Started

Let’s Get Started

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Do you want to talk to your kids about today’s issues, but don’t know where to start?

Bright Littles Convo Cards are the perfect way to spark a meaningful conversation with your bright little ones.

We’ve created 100 question cards and 25 activity cards for kids ages 4 and up across the 5 topics of diversity, health, safety, nature, and self. Whether you’re at the dinner table or on a road trip, each card is designed to start an ongoing conversation that will encourage confidence, kindness, compassion, and more!

Note: Free U.S. shipping included for the month of September. See discount prices on bundles.

Sample Questions —

  • Nature: How can you reduce food waste?
  • Self: Do you think we should be free to love who we want?
  • Diversity: How many religions can you name?
  • Health: Are you or anyone in your family allergic to anything?
  • Safety: If someone you don’t know tries to get you to come with them, what do you do?

Why are there no answers in the deck?

The questions are designed to be open-ended to invite exploration in the conversation. There is no right or wrong answer!

I am nervous to have big conversations with my kids.

The great thing about the Convo Cards is that they can be used in any way that works for your family! You can pick and choose the topics you want to discuss and come back to the others at another time. Every question is communicated in a positive light and enables you to choose your conversation journey!

What quality can I expect when receiving the Convo Cards?

The cards themselves are made from linen, making them hard to tear, water-resistant, and easy to clean (no need to worry about sticky fingers here!)

Will older kids appreciate the deck?

The 25 activities are designed to be easy for littles, but many questions are incorporated throughout the deck that are great for kids of all ages. We love playing them with my parents, such a fun way for different generations to share and learn.

Do you offer free shipping option?

Yes, we offer free shipping on orders of three decks or more. Hint: we are a perfect gift!

I don’t know if my kids are ready (or if I’m ready).

Totally get it! Being a parent is tough, especially in our world today.... But the reality is, our kids are ready to start learning and growing at a young age, and they are experiencing things on the playground, classroom and beyond that we as parents can’t control. By talking to them about topics like bullying, their bodies, safety and more, we are empowering them.



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kel McDowell
Start the conversation...

Not all of us are capable and/or are comfortable enough to start a conversation with the kids in our lives. I am a sixty three year old grandma and auntie to twelve kids under the age of nine. These cards are awesome, informative and fun! Kids are naturally inquisitive, one question leads to another and the conversation just starts naturally, I love hearing their thoughts and seeing how their brains work, they know they are being heard and can express their own opinions without judgment. I LOVE these cards. Thank you!

Errica Williams
A Gift You Can Feel Great About Giving

Forget the toys that will be played with once or twice or the clothes and shoes that will be outgrown, Bright Littles is the gift that will keep on giving! I’m so glad I was able to offer Bright Little sets to my cousin and niece at a time when they had little questions about the big world. I know that they will benefit greatly from the doors of conversation this will open in their families.

Jessica Gaffney
These are a must!

The Bright Littles cards is the gift that keeps on giving. We choose a few each night at dinner and they prompt great convos with our 7 and 3 year olds. Highly recommend!!

Kaylie Reed
Irresistible Cards Get My Kids to Engage

I've been an early childhood educator for almost 20 years, but do my own children want to answer my questions? Of course not! But they love the cards and eagerly answer the questions. All I have to do is set the cards out and they can't wait for their turn to pick one. We use them during family meals, playdates, and whenever we have a few extra minutes before leaving the house. Thank you, Bright Littles, for helping me be a better parent!

Great gift!

The Convo Cards are a great gift for families with little ones! Love the meaningful conversations that parents and kids have thanks to these cards. Brilliant product!

What Other Parents Have To Say

Bright Littles has been such a wonderful addition to our home! It has taught the kids crucial Life lessons, initiated important family conversations and helped us all grow together as a family.

It's easier said than done to have conversations with your kids about racial and social justice issues. Bright Littles Card Set not only made it easy but it also made our dinner conversations fun!