You are an amazing Parent!

You are doing a great job!

I know how hard it can seem, especially these days, to find the time to sit down and really talk with your littles, but you’re doing it! You are having hard conversations and opening up that dialogue. Now that you feel more comfortable with the big topics, it is time to dive a little deeper. As a Mom I was confident that I was covering everything and felt good about our chats, but one day Poppy came home distraught that me and her dad were going to get a divorce. I was completely shocked! It turns out that one of her classmates was talking at school about her own parents getting divorced, and because that wasn’t something happening in our own home, I never thought to bring up that topic with her. That’s when I realized, we are talking with our kids about what is happening within our own bubbles, but they don’t live solely in those bubbles. Our littles are at school all week, in gymnastics or soccer in the evenings, at birthday parties on the weekends, and there is no way that we can always be right next to them at all times. They are going to hear all sorts of different things from their friends that may have an older sibling, or a classmate whose grandparent just passed away, and as a parent we don’t have a crystal ball, we can’t predict what will be going on in someone else’s household. 

That's where Bright Littles Conversation tools can help. I worked with learning scientists and psychologists to create tools that expand the conversations we have with our littles, to broaden the topics and help us to make this big world seem a little smaller. We may not all be having the same issues at home, but the ways we deal, and cope can be more alike than not. Prompts from Bright Littles can help you navigate those conversations in many different ways:

  • Has something similar happened in your own life that you can use as a more personal example?
  • Our Feelings Journal can help define the big emotions, and provide tools to recognize those feelings and what to do when they come up
  • Pulling a few Conversation Cards at the dinner table each night can facilitate some fantastic chats with your littles, helping to prepare for those unexpected topics 

There is so much going on, and it can seem overwhelming at times. The good news is that we don’t have to do this alone! We are building a community here for our bright littles, and together we can raise the next generation of kind, bright leaders!