Who is Santa?

I am all about honest parenting to the point that I started a company about being honest with our kids. Then, December rolls around, and well, there is the whole matter of Santa Clause.

I have been feeling awkward around the whole song and dance until I read a post about how magical the holidays were for this now, father.  When he grew up and learned the truth, it made him love his mom all the more because of all the effort she put into making everything magical for him and his siblings.

You know when a post speaks to you? Well, that post was mine! I love the joy and excitement that radiates off Poppy during this time of year. She is so excited about the holidays and the entire house is full of joy.  From a letter coming from the North Pole, thanks to my wonderful in-laws, to my husband orchestrating the elf on a shelf. She is so excited and full of anticipation. 

I know there is a chance this is the last year she will believe, and until then, I am going to do everything in my power to create the magic because, at the end of the day, she reminds me of what it feels like to be a kid again and believe in magic. I think all of us need a little bit of that right. 

XO Santa (mommy)