Tough topics: Death

Our beloved cat passed away unexpectedly when Poppy was 4. I was so upset to lose my friend of nearly 15 years. I was grieving while doing a terrible job explaining the situation to my daughter. I did not take the honest road thinking it was better to lie to her. I told her Marley went to live in a happier place. She replied, “if I am nicer to Marley, do you think she will feel like our home is the happier place to live?” I felt so bad that she felt like it was her fault and that was my fault. 

I wish I had prepared myself and her. Death is inevitable, and I have now learned there are many ways to introduce the topic, especially when emotions are not high. From taking a walk and seeing a dead insect or plant to learning about your family’s amazing history through sharing a passed loved ones’ amazing accomplishments or funny stories. 

The good news, you’re not alone! We are here to help and tackle the tough topics weekly on our free SMS platform. 

Hard topics come in all shapes and forms and the harder the topic, the more important it is to prepare our little ones. This is the most important generation ever and we as parents have the incredible opportunity to prepare them to be the change in the world we so need.