Today's ⭐️Bright Leader is Adhara Pérez

Today's ⭐️Bright Leader is Adhara Pérez.💡With an IQ higher than both Einstein and Stephen Hawking she is a certified genius! Born in Veracruz, Mexico 🇲🇽, Adhara learned to read when she was only 2 years old, and by age 3 she knew the entire periodic table. Adhara finished high school when she was 7 🎓, after being misunderstood by teachers and bullied by students for being 'weird'. It wasn't until she was finally given an IQ test that the specialists realized Adhara was a genius and also diagnosed her with Asperger's.

She wrote a book 📕 about her struggles being bullied for being on the Autism spectrum. She was on the Forbes Mexico list of 100 Most Powerful Women when she was 8! At age 11 she now has TWO Engineering degrees, an Industrial Engineering in Mathematics degree from the Technological University of Mexico and a Systems Engineering degree from CNCI University, where she received a scholarship to attend. As if that weren't impressive enough, Adhara is currently studying for her Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the National Polytechnic Insititute. 🧠

Adhara dreams of being an astronaut 👩‍🚀 and working for NASA to colonize Mars. She has been invited by the University of Arizona to study a Postgraduate in Astrophysics, and she gives speeches at conferences all over Mexico. In hopes of preventing other children from being misdiagnosed, Adhara is also developing a smart bracelet that will monitor the emotions of differently-abled children to anticipate and prevent seizures and other outbursts.

Adhara's name comes from the constellation Canis Major, so it is no surprise that she loves outer space. We can't wait to see how bright her star shines! 🌠

Let's talk a little bit about Adhara's story!

💡What is an IQ?
💡Look up and learn about Aspergers.
💡Do you know all of the planets in our solar system🪐
💡Where is Mars?
💡What does N.A.S.A. stand for?

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