The power of affirmations

“I am smart”

“I am kind” 

“I am creative” 

“I am loving” 

“I am strong” 

Say them again, as if you are reading them about yourself. I want you to say them three times, out loud and get louder as you say them. Scream them!! Go ahead, I will wait... This is important. 

Did you do it? 

How did it make you feel? 



Why do we feel silly saying nice things about ourselves? 

Postive affirmations

I want to and am changing that in our home. Every morning while Poppy and I brush our teeth and wash our faces, we look into the mirror and each say 5 nice things about ourselves, me included. I am______! 

I am a helper 

I am brave 

I am a leader 

And so on….. 

We repeat them 3x’s, while saying them louder and louder, and eventually, she is bounding down the stairs in full “I am” mode ready to face the day and challenges that come her way. 

Why is this important? I am trying to teach her and remind me of the necessity of self love. That others’ opinions don’t matter. I know that this is the foundation for so many challenges she will face as a child growing up in the age of social media. This also goes for us as parents. It’s important for us to be forgiving to ourselves and to show ourselves love as well. I need to know that…

I am a good mother.