Teaching self-love to our kids

Growing up with Japanese aunts, they would comment on a regular basis about me being a big American girl or the biggest girl in the family. Even though I am 5’2 and have always been considered petit, those words sunk in, and I, too, started to not love my body, thus myself. Kids take in words directly and indirectly, and they make huge and lasting marks. 

I have worked very hard to rewrite the words of self-doubt and body shame. I want to pass to my daughter a book of words full of love, kindness, and respect to fill herself up and carry her throughout her life. 

To love our body is to love ourselves!! 

Daily challenge: Say these positive body affirmations in the mirror every day this week. Can you say them for a whole month? Year? 

I am beautiful
My arms give good hugs
I am thankful for my body
My body is one of a kind 
I love the person staring back at me in the mirror
All bodies are different and all deserve kindness, including mine 

So many of the conversations we want our kids to have are conversations we need to also have as adults. It’s one thing to teach words of love, it’s another to believe in them yourself!