Summer Travel

We, like so many families, are traveling this summer. For us it’s a trip to Australia to reunite with family after three years of separation due to covid. I, like many parents, are always on the lookout for alternatives to delay the screen time. We always pack the usual suspects from art supplies, and sticker books to the Bright Littles Convo Cards. Finding ways to engage Poppy and have meaningful conversations is always a goal, whether we get through a card or several, I always enjoy learning what she is thinking and sharing personal stories from my life. 

Travel is also a time I can use the Bright Littles text messages if I am in a pinch. Today was a good example of the food taking a little too long at lunch and Poppy needing something to keep her busy. We went through the prior SMS’s and had great meaningful conversations and included the grandparents into the mix. 

Whether you are going near or far, find ways to talk and share with your kiddos! Open the doors of conversation and keep it open. It’s far easier to start now when they are little, than trying when they are teens. 

Keep up the great work parents!