Splish, splash, and prepare! Let's talk water safety...

I used to love the end of school and the beginning of summer. Most of us spent our days smelling like chlorine, eyes bloodshot from living in the pool, and mouths stained some unnatural color from the popsicles. 

As we prep the bag to head to the pool…. 

  • SPF … Check!
  • Towels... Check!
  • Goggles… Check!
  • Rules and Reminders…. Check, Check, CHECK!! 

It’s also the time of the year to set rules and remind kids about the dangers of the water. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in kids, so today we are going over rules and reminders to keep your family safe this summer!! 

  • An adult must be with you at all times or a swim buddy depending on age and swim level 
  • Always designate a swim watcher even if multiple persons are present 
  • Don’t run by the pool and follow the rules 
  • Don’t dive in undesignated areas ( my brother took out his two front teeth doing this one). 
  • Make sure little ones are wearing properly fitted life jackets 
  • Lessons are always great, even if you know how to swim for a refresh
  • If you are at the ocean, discuss underwater currents and waves 
  • If you are at a river discuss currents and avoid fast-moving water with inexperienced swimmers and small kids 
  • For at-home pools, discuss rules around the pool, install gates, and secure chemicals 

Let’s prepare our kids to have a fun, safe summer!

[Photo credit: Pediatric Associates of Franklin]