Small gestures make a big difference

You can make a big difference with a small gesture. How can you make someone’s day merry and bright? 

Invite a guest: 
Every holiday our table is full of loved ones, friends and often people we just met. Opening up your heart and homes to others is the true spirit of the holidays. I can’t think of a better gift to give!! The holidays can be a very lonely time of year for many people, especially right now. Loved ones can’t travel to be together for a multitude of reasons, but you can make a difference in someone's life by offering a seat at your dinner table. Nothing says love like a gift of a warm meal. PS. Take the convo cards for spin with new guests and learn about their culture and community. 

Phone a friend: 
For those who are unable to join you at your table, a phone call can make all of the difference. Taking some time to reach out to people in your lives who are alone is a great way to brighten someone’s holiday. 

Our kids are watching, and these small acts of kindness will impact them to walk through life with an open heart in so many ways. 

We have so many opportunities to love each other!