School Shootings

Going back to school should be exciting, not terrifying.

As a mom, I have had a pit in my stomach since Poppy returned to school this year. Uvalde was days before the end of the school year, and I could not have been happier that school was over. So how do you deal with the fear of active school shooters?! I grew up preparing for earthquakes, not guns! 

I believe knowledge is power, and I can prepare us with that knowledge! 

Here is a list of information I am actively learning and asking.

  • When are the active shooting drills? 
  • How will this be communicated to my child's age group? 
  • Talk to your kids about the drill and what they learned.
  • Ask them how it made them feel. 
  • How will the school notify parents in case of an emergency? 
  • Talk to your kids about guns and what to do if they see or find one.
  • Ask before a playdate if there is a gun in the home. 
  • Find out about local elections and VOTE! 

As a parent, we must all be brave enough to get comfortable with the uncomfortable! Our kids' lives depend on it. 

xo Fierce Mama Bear