Our favorite way to say "thank you!"

I love sending thank cards to my friends and family. I think the little, simple gesture says in a big and impactful way “you matter to me!” I have always included Poppy in the action. When she was itty bitty it was a scribble here and there. As she got older scribbles turned into art folded in half to create the card. Now that she is 6 she is writing her thank you’s to her friends on her own. 

We love to create our thank you cards with elements from nature. This weekend, we plan to make grateful cards using leaves we collect while walking our pup. (Love when we can multi-task!)

Here are some other fun ideas to make your own unique cards, while also recycling, reusing, or repurposing from items in your home! Win-Win. 

  • Make a collage out of old magazines 
  • Cut up newspapers into pieces to spell out words - i.e. thank you, grateful or love 
  • Glue leaves or twigs together into shapes and designs 
  • Use natural elements to create art outlines - i.e. place a leaf on paper and paint over it and pick it up.
  • Take a favorite picture and cut it into a fun shape and glue to paper 

I always make one extra and secretly mail it to my daughter!