New Journals

I am so excited to share the leaders and feelings journals are ready and the first round of samples have been ordered. This has been a labor of love to create the next two products, but let’s go backwards to go forward. 

I started Bright Littles because of a problem I saw in the lack of forward-thinking products to help parents with young children to start hard conversations from an early age. The entire foundation of Bright Littles is based on preparing our kids for the world we live in. 

So how would one start that task you may be asking? I started with news media platforms. I made a list of all the things that scared me and started figuring out how to talk to my little one about these topics in an age-appropriate way. Not an easy task! Next, I engaged parents, family therapists, educational engineers, designers, manufacturers, other entrepreneurs and lastly kids all during a pandemic. 

I am excited to launch the next two journals in the series and will be debuting them at the NY Now tradeshow in August. My hope is to go on presale for the journals at the end of August. 

Thank you for all your love and support during this crazy journey from idea to reality!