National Safety Month

Navigating the conversation about the recent gun violence with young children in an age-appropriate manner is something many parents are struggling with right now. We get it!! I am a parent, and even I am at a loss for words for these unfathomable tragedies. 

I could not find the tools to talk to my daughter in an age-appropriate way. The world has changed since we grew up, but the resources to have these difficult conversations have not. This is the core reason I started Bright Littles. 

  • According to a Bright Littles survey, 85% of parents say it’s important to have hard conversations.
  • Over 96% of parents think it’s important to talk to kids about safety. 
  • 62% say there are no age-appropriate tools to talk about hard topics. 

Our Bright Littles Convo Safety Journal is a guide to help families do just that! We created a tool that can start these conversations with a four-year-old. We worked with family therapists, firefighters, educators, parents, and kids to create these essential engaging tools for our Bright Littles. 

Be sure to pick up your Bright Littles Safety Journal today and we will donate 10% to Every Town for the month of June