Making this season even more meaningful

I grew up serving food at soup kitchens, adopting families, and donating during the holidays. It was a time to get, but also a time to give. I was grateful for everything I had not because I was told to be grateful but through conversation and action. This is alive and well in our home during the holidays and throughout the year. There are so many ways we can give back from actually donating our time to being aware of the type of companies we are supporting. This year I invite you to think about how you are giving and what you are buying, it does make a difference. 

Ideas to get you started! 

  • Instead of buying from big-box retailers, support your community 
  • Buy from companies that give back to charities and enrich their communities 
  • Make a donation in someone's name to a charity they care about 
  • Adopt a family and help them have a bright holiday 
  • Donate food to the local food bank 
  • Serve food to those in need 
  • Donate food and blanket to the animal shelters 
  • Donate books and clothes to local organizations 

There are so many more ways to give, but this will get the conversation started with your family to find ways that you can make the season a little more meaningful!