January Is Self Love Month

January is SELF-LOVE month, and we want to fill our kids to the brim with love and self-esteem. Here are some great easy tips for teaching this lifelong gift! 🥰

Try new things: Let's get kids out of their comfort zone and try new things. This builds confidence that they can carry with them for a lifetime!
Give to others: Let's teach our kids to help others. Whether it is time or material things, giving to others creates a connection and makes others, and yourself, feel good.
Conversation and connection: Create moments in your day where you give your kiddo your undivided attention, whether they are asking you a question or you are sparking conversation; it makes them feel important and valued.
I love you: You can never tell your kid you love them enough, no matter the age!!
Encouragement: It's easy to correct someone, but let's make it a habit to point out the good. 'I loved it when you helped your sibling.' 'Thank you for taking your shoes to your room.'
Lead by example: From eating healthy and helping others to giving them your attention, kids learn from what we do as much as from what we say.
Talk about our feelings: Feelings will happen, and it's essential to have regular mental check-ins with our kids.

Great job, grown-ups!!