Introducing the Bright Littles Conversation Journals

Starting Bright Littles has been a journey like no other. The three most important things in my life (being a mother, my daughter, and my work) colliding to create the most meaningful company I have ever built. They say the best ideas come out of solving your problems. Bright Littles was the tool I needed to have big, real, and meaningful conversations with my daughter. So, yes, this is truly solving my own problem!

It’s been amazing to create the Convo Cards and hear from other families how they have created moments to connect, empowered little ones to express their feelings and allowed for discussions around current issues in an age-appropriate, fun way.

With that said, I am so excited to announce the Bright Littles Conversation Journals!!! These are the next needed tool in the parenteral tool belt of prepared kiddos. I know from personal experience, my daughter learns from repetition, interaction and if it feels like a game, it’s a home run!

We will be tackling safety in the home from natural disasters to helpers. Each book will be completely about your family's safety plan and your bright littles will be prepared in case of an emergency.

The first book in the series is due to launch in January through Kickstarter.

Stay tuned :)