How essential oils have helped my daughter's separation anxiety

Ever since Poppy was a little girl, I have used essential oils. From adding a couple of drops of eucalyptus into the humidifier to helping her when she had a cold to adding chamomile oil to her bath to help her relax. Fast forward to the first day of school. As excited as she was, she was also feeling all the big feelings of fear, the unknown, new people, shyness, newness, and on and on. 

How can mommy be with you when I can’t BE with you? 

I started using lavender oil when fears of closet monsters and the dark shadows crept into her imagination. Our bedtime routine of bathtime, stories and cuddles expanded to include a couple of drops of lavender on her pillow. I would tell her how this was our secret, magical scent that was only between us. The oil would keep her safe, and if she missed me, all she had to do was smell her pillow. 

I had the idea to add a couple of drops of lavender oil to her dress or sleeve cuff in the morning before school to help with the transition back to school after being at home for nearly a year on virtual. Mommy was with her, even though she could not see me. All she had to do was smell her sleeve and I would fill her up with confidence, love, and most importantly, a hug. It wasn’t an instant fix, but day by day, the unknown became known, strangers became friends and fun overcame the fear. 

We are three weeks into school and now just like our bedtime routine, it has become a part of her morning. Get out of bed, get dressed, brush teeth and hair, and add a little bit of mommy, just in case! 



Some babies can be sensitive to oils, especially before 6 months of age. Always best to avoid direct contact with skin and ask your pediatrician what’s best for your family.