Grateful Day family activities

It’s the season to be extra grateful and extra giving! We are spreading our kindness wherever we go to whomever we see. In the theme of sharing our happiness with others, it’s truly a time to share and learn with friends and family. 

The best thing about conversations is you can have them with everyone. Our work to change the world needs lots and lots and lots of advocates. The best way to have someone listen and learn from you is to listen and learn from them. There are SO MANY interesting things you don’t know about the closest people around you, even your mom and your dad. 

So let’s get the conversations started with the incredible people you will see this week. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas to get the conversation flowing like the gravy! 

  • Conversations bowl: Fill a bowl with questions written on pieces of paper. Place the bowl on the dinner table to get the conversation started or pull questions while working on a puzzle. 
  • Menu Q&As: Prewrite out a list of questions on a piece of paper and have everyone fill it out before dinner. Make sure there are no names on the paper. Place the filled-out Q&As at each person's place setting. Be sure to mix and match them. Go around and read out the answers and see if you can guess who. 
  • Convo Cards: Place Bright Littles Convo Cards on the table and have guests pull cards and read them. This is a great way to learn about your guests and hear new viewpoints and ideas. Activity cards are perfect for passing the time while Turkey cooks. 

This holiday season makes having REAL conversations be part of your family's tradition!