Goal Setting

It's the time of year we start thinking about setting resolutions for ourselves, but what about our kids? Did you know that setting goals with kids can be a great way to help them develop important skills and habits that will serve them well throughout their lives?

Here are a few tips for setting goals with kids and yourself:

Involve them in the process!
Kids are more likely to be motivated to work towards a goal if they feel like they have a say in what that goal is. Have a conversation with your child about what they want to achieve, and help them come up with specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound goals (SMART). 



Break big goals down into smaller ones: It can be overwhelming to tackle a big goal all at once. Help your child break their goal down into smaller, more manageable steps that they can work on over time. 

Keep track of progress: Encourage your child to track their progress towards their goal and celebrate small victories along the way. This can help keep them motivated and on track!!! 

Be supportive and encouraging: Remember that kids are still learning and growing, and it's important to be patient and supportive as they work towards their goals. Offer encouragement and praise for their efforts, and be there to help them if they need it. 

With these tips in mind, you can help your child set and achieve meaningful goals to help them grow and develop into confident, successful, bright leaders!!

Happy goal-setting!