As my daughter returns to school, so do the success and challenges of navigating friendships old and new. 

We have been talking about what it means to be a good friend to someone and how she wants a friend to treat her. 

It was a great activity and a fantastic conversation with plenty of opportunities for me to share my success and challenges with friends when I was younger and even today. We sat down and made a list. 

Friendship is… 

  • Be there for each other: You can help a friend feel better if they are sad. 
  • Be yourself: A friend will love who you are just the way you are. 
  • Helper: A true friend uses kind words and encourages you! 
  • Listening: A friend will listen to you and give you advice. 
  • Teaches: A friend can teach and help you try new things. 
  • Friendship takes two: A friendship is two people respecting one another, using kind words, and respecting your boundaries. 

I wish I had learned at an early age how to be a good friend and how to let a friendship go. It's only going to get more complex for our little ones, especially in the age of social media. 

We have the incredible gift of sharing this now with our Bright Littles!