Conversations of Preparation

Hey Grown-ups, let's kick off the new year with conversations of preparation. One micro conversation a day, just one Bright Littles Convo Card, is all it takes to create a meaningful connection that will grow!!

Did you know having conversations with our kiddos...

  • Foster open communication: Having regular conversations with your little ones can help establish an open and trusting relationship in which your child feels comfortable talking to you about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
  • Stay connected: Conversations can help you stay connected with your child and stay up-to-date on their interests, challenges, and achievements.
  • Model good communication skills: By engaging in regular conversations with your child, you can model good communication skills and help your child develop their own skills.
  • Promote learning and growth: Conversations can provide opportunities for your child to learn about new topics, ask questions, and express their opinions. They can also help your child think critically and develop their problem-solving skills.
  • To improve your relationship: Engaging in regular conversations with your child can strengthen your relationship and help you better understand and support them.
  • It's important to remember that chats with your child should be open-ended and non-judgmental and allow them to express themselves freely.

These tips will help create a safe and supportive environment for ongoing conversations with your Bright Littles!!