June Bright Leader

This month's Bright Leader is Ashton Mota. ⭐After coming out at age 12, Ashton got to work publicly speaking about being a black, Dominican-American transgender teen.  
He started the Gay Straight Alliance at his middle school, became a Human Right Campaign Youth Foundation Ambassador, and gave the opening remarks for GLSEN's fall conference by age 14.
In 2016 in Ashton's home state of Massachusetts, voters will attempt to reverse a state law allowing people to use bathrooms, locker rooms, or other similar facilities that correspond with the gender with which they identify. Ashton became one of the public faces and voices of the campaign that helped uphold the law.
In 2021 at 23, Ashton Mota had the honor of introducing President Joe Biden at the Pride Month ceremony at the White House. He spoke his most powerful truth: his own story!!

❤️ Why is your personal story so important? 
💬 How can you inspire others with your words? 
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