Back to School


Can you believe it’s back to school? And even though it’s “back” to school for most, it doesn't mean your kiddos (parents) don’t have some nervous jitters about the return to school. My kiddo needs information to feel safe, what time are you picking me up, who is picking me up, what time are we leaving, even if every day my answers are the same. 

So, I have already started to get her ready aka excited for the start of school two weeks away with little things. 

  • Meal planning: We started making a list of breakfast and lunch items. 
  • School supplies: We picked out a new backpack, and lunchbox and ordered her list of supplies. 
  • New shoes: Every year I would get a new pair of tennis shoes to start the year. I have carried on this tradition with Poppy. 

Depending on your school district, see if any of the following options are available to help ease the uncertainty.

  • Tour the school: Check to see if your school is hosting an open house. This is a great way to help your kiddo ease the butterflies by familiarizing themselves with you by their side.  
  • Meet the teacher: A big fear my daughter has is not knowing who her teacher will be for second grade. See if your school has a meet and greet or see if you can schedule a call. If neither is available, once you have your teacher's name, look up their photo so your child can see what they look like. 
  • Connect: A great way to help ease the jitters is to connect with kids from last year. I bet they are feeling the same excitement and nerves about the new year. 
  • Conversations: It’s so important to talk to your kiddos about how they are feeling about the new school year. Talk the day before the first day of school and make a plan, so your kiddo knows what to expect, especially the drop-off and pick-up. 
  • Feelings: Validate all the feelings your child is having, scared, fear, excited, happy, nervous, etc., and share a time you had the first day or felt nervous. Talk through ways to calm their body. 
  • Routine: Switching from summer to school can be a big change from staying up late and sleeping to having to be somewhere on time. Start to ease into the routine a week ahead if you can, by earlier bedtime and even set alarms to get up. Be sure to give yourself extra time the first couple of days to avoid stress on everyone! 
  • Convo Cards: Be sure to have your Bright Littles handy to help talk about their day at the dinner table or keep a deck in the car. A couple of questions on the ride to school can help ease the nerves. 

Expect a hiccup here and a tear there, it’s normal and to be expected. When it happens listen and love on them!