Austin Mini Market

This past weekend, we had our first market in Austin, and it was amazing. I was so nervous right before the day started and full of self-doubt. This was the first time I actually was in public with the product. It’s nerve-wracking to share something you are so passionate about with the world. Also, I have personally not been out much lately. 

My worries were quickly put to rest, and I was off to the races. I met so many amazing mothers sharing hopes for their children and the powerful conversations they have had at their dinner table. I even had young people with no kids stop and listen to my “why” and share the struggles of being in high school. I had a boutique owner pick up Bright Littles because she is passionate about carrying female-founded brands. I had teachers and therapists purchase the Convo Cards to use in the classroom and sessions. To receive that kind of validation from perfect strangers was amazing. There were lots of happy tears throughout the day! 

After 6 hours of standing on concrete (ouch), my body was exhausted, but my mind was racing with new ideas to bring necessary change through conversations. Onward!