Art in nature

Ever since Poppy was a little baby, nature has always been a soothing force in her life. She could be sobbing her eyes out and nothing would calm her down, but step outside and a calm would immediately come over her. She has grown up with her bare feet on the earth, toes in the sand, family camping trips and a love for hiking and biking on trails. As she has gotten older, our exploration of nature has grown to see the amazingly intricate designs on a flower, the rings of a tree, or the variation of colors in leaves not only in nature but also in the world around us from furniture, fashion to art.

Nature has been inspiring us since the dawn of time. Primitive cave drawings depict nature scenes with the sun, trees and animals. Georgia O’Keefe famously was captivated by New Mexico, the land of enchantment, with hyper focus paintings on flowers, desert scenes and endless sunsets. Ansel Adams's black and white photographs can move one to tears with their breathtaking detail of landscapes. Without nature, we would not have Monet’s Waterlilies or Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The earth speaks to us, inspires us to feel and create works of beauty.

Teaching our young ones to truly see, respect, value, and admire Mother Nature for the magnificent teacher she is will forge the next generation of artists and will grow the future protectors of her beauties.