At Bright Littles, we believe the next generation is THE most important future leaders we have ever had the privilege to raise. We must prepare them to lead with the tools of empathy, kindness, love, compassion, truth, and understanding, and that starts with real conversation. Our commitment at Bright Littles is to spark “outside the box” conversations not only at home but also in the classrooms by providing the Bright Littles product to schools in English and Spanish. 

At Bright Littles, we believe that preparing our kids for the world around them can be a catalyst to create real change within classrooms, schools, communities and beyond. At Bright Littles we want to do our part to see that every child has an opportunity to be a part of the conversation and grow up to be a bright leader.

REAL change starts with REAL conversations!  

If you would like to request Bright Littles Convo Cards for your classroom, please fill out the below form using your school email address, and we will be in touch to get you on your way to having meaningful conversations with your bright littles. More languages to come! Have a specific language you would like to see? Let us know what you have in mind!